#22489: WT3020H - Not Working
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Comment (by anonymous):

 any ip address in the range is a link-local address that is
 used as a fall-back address when there is no functional DHCP server found
 on the local network.. in your case it seems the router is either not
 booting correctly or you turned off the DHCP server in the router





 basically, you need to diagnose if the router is still working or can be
 recovered by booting it in failsafe or TFTP recovery mode (or, if it even
 has such recovery modes usable)

 a) configure your laptop's ethernet interface manually to have THREE ip
 and (your router model says it defaults to on the
 label in the photos you linked)
 Netmask for each, but gateway or DNS are not needed for
 link-local debugging.. you'll need to configure these later though.

 to configure multiple ip addresses use the "Advanced" button in the IPv4
 settings of your laptop's network interface)

 b) make sure your laptop is the only device connected by ethernet cable to
 the router. Do not connect the cable to the internet ISP (WAN) either.

 c) open THREE command prompt windows: start - run -> cmd.exe (start 3 of
 in the first one type
 ping -t

 and in the second one
 ping -t

 and in the third one
 ping -t

 d) while those commands are trying to ping the router, reset the router to
 factory defaults by keeping the reset button pressed for 30+ seconds. (Do
 NOT power it off while doing this, it needs to do a full reset cycle.)

 e) wait for the router to reset... if there is any recovery mode possible,
 you'll see either a few brief ping replies from the router or a constant
 stream of replies.. ideally it should start to reply constantly.. this
 means it arrived at a stable functional state. The address it replies on
 might change too.. you might see a few replies from at first
 and then switch to replying from after it boots into OpenWRT.

 f) make a note of all ip addresses that the router is replying on.
 Usually, the OpenWRT default will be, while your router's
 manufacturer default will reply from as it says on the label
 you linked.

 g) try recovery or call a friend... see the OpenWRT recovery guides linked
 above. it gets a bit hairy from here on.

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