Please note that the Red Hat packages do have MPI support. You will need to 
compile from source, and to get load balancing, you will need to also compile 
and link in zoltan.



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Dear Abdelmoumen,

Installing and running the RHEL binary packages could work, but there could be 
things that make your HPC system different from a standard RHEL system, causing 
incompatibilities. You could try, and report how it goes?


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Dear Mr. Atgeirr,

Regarding what you have said on Ubuntu binary, is it possible to the same on 
Redhat (which the system used on the HPC)?



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Dear Mr. Abdelmoumen,

I recommend that you try running OPM Flow on HPC systems using the Singularity 
container system. You should ask your HPC maintainer if Singularity is 
supported. If not, Docker containers are also available, but will probably not 
be able to exploit the special hardware typically present in an HPC system.

Also, if you can run a Ubuntu binary on the system, you can install the binary 
packages for Ubuntu 16.04 as explained on the OPM web site:

All of the preceding options are compiled with MPI, meaning that the Flow 
executable can be run with mpirun in parallel.

Finally, there is a new release underway, before the end of the month a new 
version is available.


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Emne: [Opm] (no subject)

Willing to run OPM on the university HPC, is there any parallel version of 
OPM's binary or does the HPC admin have to compile it from source for that.

If it is required to compile the source to get a parallel version, what are the 
compiler options?

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