Now I'm thinking this is the same problem as before.  I see we had this in 

which we are not using in master because this problem was supposed to be fixed 
upstream.  Can you try including this file in your overcloud deployment and see 
if it works?


Tim Rozet
Red Hat SDN Team

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The box is not OOM – it has more than 200GB spare. One thing I forgot to 
mention was that I let the setup as is for a day or two (without doing anything 
with it) and then the issue appeared.


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Hi Juraj,
This error looks different than the files limit problem.  This actually looks 
to be an error in the python sqlalchemy call, complaining there isn't enough 
ram to spawn a session thread.  Is your box oom?

You can check the daily job's functest results.  I believe it deployed that 
scenario in the last iteration.  Otherwise ping me Monday with the setup and 
I'll try to debug.

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Hi Apex team,

I tried an os-odl-fdio-ha euphrates baremetal deployment and I ran into mariadb 
issues when I ran functest: 

I've seen this issue before when the number of open files was too low in 
mariadb, but I seems to be fine:
MariaDB [(none)]> show variables like 'open_files_limit';
| Variable_name    | Value |
| open_files_limit | 20485 |

Has anyone seen this with any other scenario?

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