Hi all

We have OPNFV Brahmaputra release up and running well for a year now. Fuel 
deployed Openstack Liberty and it is hosting a good number of instances. We 
haven't created any advanced nfv solutions yet, but it is where we will be 
heading one day.

My task current to upgrade to OPNFV Danube/Newton. But I can't find a 
path/process on how to do this.

Can someone direct me with some high level steps or a document to follow?

I am confused if I should treat this as a Openstack Fuel upgrade, or if there 
is an actual OPNFV specific Fuel upgrade.

Also, once I get Fuel upgraded how do I get the existing environment/Openstack 
nodes upgraded (to Newton)?

Should I upgrade to Colorado/Mitaka first, or no?

Thanks for any advice you might give!!


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