>>>>> "'Achim Nierbeck' via OPS4J" <ops4j@googlegroups.com>:

> did you consider point 4?
> open jira issue for an dependency upgrade and provide a PR / Fix yourself
> in the Pax-Shiro project to actually use the latest and greatest version of
> pax-web ;)

Ah, but it wasn't the Pax-Shiro feature I tried to install, because I
couldn't find one.  I tried to install the feature made by the shiro
project itself.

I only posted here in the hope of encountering some of the pax-shiro
people who could tell me "use this feature from pax-shiro instead", or
something like that...:-)

As for making the shiro people upgrade their feature file, there is this
Jira issue that hasn't been touched since March 2016:

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