I really like the approach that Pax JDBC introduced for managing data 
sources, but I am running into an issue that may require me to abandon it 
if I can't get it resolved.

My setup is as follows:
ServiceMix 7.0.1 (Karaf 4.0.9) running on two nodes, clustered with Cellar 
(active/active). ActiveMQ is JDBC master/slave. Using Pax JDBC 1.0.1 
(config, pool, and oracle and mssql adapters).

I have five (5) data sources configured for the various databases in use by 
this system. What I see is that the data sources are only available on the 
*first* node in the cluster that comes up.  When the second node comes up, 
even though it also has the data source cfg's, the data sources never get 
initialized, and all of my bundles that use the data sources are stuck 
perpetually in GracePeriod waiting on the data sources (confirmed with 

If I bring down the first node, *then* the data sources on the second node 
suddenly spring to life and all's well.  But this is not the behavior I 
would desire or expect, and it may be showstopper for me w/r/t Pax JDBC.  I 
need those data sources available on both nodes.

Is this expected? If not, any ideas how I can work around it?

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