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If you are notified by SMS, what happens next?
Does the SMS suggest that you call customer care to resolve the issue
(which might be less efficient than accessing your account on the web,
and authorizing additional Data Usage) ?
No, you access your account on the web.

Good, that's a nice SMS-based work-around for HTTP Re-direct.
There are customers with no-SMS service, like laptops
with embedded or USB cellular modems. Got a good idea for them?

Ah, that's a use case I hadn't considered. I suppose, since we aren't dealing with solutions in this document, explaining that a well-deployed and superior solution exists for the majority of mobile data users is a bit out of scope. I withdraw my objection to the statement, but would find a mention that problem this arises exclusively (or at least primarily) for non-SMS customers to be a significant improvement.


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