Hi there,

this morning I got a call from my hosting provider Hetzner (in
Germany) and had a nice conversation with a guy who is handling the
abuse mails. He wondered what was running on those 12 servers (that's
a number he told me) which receive ~1 copyright-infringement mail per
day. He just wanted to warn me (and I want to warn you ;-) about the
fact that he wants to tell the management about the "problems" of
these servers (high traffic, maybe bad image for the company); he says
it'd be possible that Hetzner will forbid the use of TOR nodes by
their policy.
He also asked for an in-depth explanation of TOR, which I just sent
him. I tried to explain that his company's image could benefit from
just acting for freedom of speech and against censorship (by not
stopping TOR nodes). Hopefully that'll be heard.

It's not that important yet as there are other providers out there,
but that could start a trend, especially when put under pressure by
the German government.


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