On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 4:53 PM, Hannah Schroeter<han...@pond.sub.org> wrote:
>>he says it'd be possible that Hetzner will forbid the use of TOR nodes by
>>their policy.
> Did he mean any kind tor nodes or tor exits?

I don't think that he had the knowledge about the differences of
nodes. As far as he told me, he just contacted those people with a
high amount of copyright infringements - so only exit nodes are the
real problem for him.

>>I tried to explain that his company's image could benefit from
>>just acting for freedom of speech and against censorship (by not
>>stopping TOR nodes). Hopefully that'll be heard.
> Hope so too. Perhaps also tell him about the role of tor in the recent
> uprises in the Iran.

Thanks for that suggestion! I'll try to get this pointed out in the


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