Arm should work just fine under BSD with the exception of the
connection listing.

The problem there is that FreeBSD's netstat lacks the flag to list the
pids associated with connections (so I can't narrow the list to tor
connections), ss is a completely different program (a spreadsheet
application instead of connection resolver), and lsof either had
similar issues, though I don't recall exactly what. If you know a
method of getting the connections for a given process under FreeBSD
then I'm all ears. :)

That said, everything else (bandwidth graph, logging, configuration
editing, etc) should work just fine. -Damian

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 10:56 PM, John Case <> wrote:
> Hi Damian,
> On Tue, 30 Nov 2010, Damian Johnson wrote:
>> Hi. After over a year it's about time that I announced an arm release
>> so here it is! What's new since August of 2009 [1], you ask? Lots. The
>> project has been under very active development, continuing to add
>> usability improvements to make relay operation nicer and less error
>> prone. If you're really curious what I've been up to this last year
>> then it's all available in the change log [2].
> Any news on getting all of Arms functions to work under FreeBSD ?
> Thanks.
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