On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Hans Schnehl wrote:

Sorry for jumping in , but please notice the above command might not
not work on all versions of FBSD, at least it doesn't on a  7-Stable jail.

Maybe the following just produces a similar sufficient output:

_...@ato# id
uid=256(_tor) gid=256(_tor) groups=256(_tor)
_...@ato# sockstat -4 | grep tor
_tor     tor        4397  7  tcp4    *:*
_tor     tor        4397  8  udp4      *:*
_tor     tor        4397  9  tcp4    *:*
_tor     tor        4397  12 tcp4   [scrubbed]:9001
_tor     tor        4397  15 tcp4   [scrubbed]:9001
_tor     tor        4397  19 tcp4   [scrubbed]:9001
_tor     tor        4397  20 tcp4   [scrubbed]:443
_tor     tor        4397  22 tcp4   [scrubbed]:9001

for *not*  displaying listening ports just use
_...@ato# sockstat -4 | grep tor| sed '/\*/d'
_tor     tor        4397  4  tcp4   [scrubbed]:443
_tor     tor        4397  12 tcp4   [scrubbed]:9001
_tor     tor        4397  13 tcp4   [scrubbed]:443

Wait, so the method detailed here:



ps -Al

after polling for lsof and a foreach loop, doesn't work ?

I know it's not elegant, but it appeared to me that:

lsof + ps -Al

would work ... especially if the system in question is doing little (or nothing) other than Tor ...
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