I selected the dances and taught the dance section of the study referenced in those articles. Here are some additional links about it.

The paper published about the study

Other links


Here is a link to a similar study in Germany published last year.

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Hi fellow shared weight organizers :)

I hope you're doing pretty well.  It's snowing here in Ottawa but the red-wing blackbirds showed up in our yard this morning for the first time so spring is pushing through!

I was wondering if any of you have resources that provide information on benefits of contra dance (or trad social dance generally). This could be as simple as your list of benefits, it could be newspaper articles, videos, scientific studies... or other!

Why?  It's interesting generally I thought we might all enjoy as tools for advocacy.  However, the question initially came up for me as I am working on letter to our Finance Minister in Canada about some issues around non-profit taxing ($50,000 income we have to charge tax.... ugh... it's turned out to be quite difficult for our organizer which is all voolunteer run and already cash strapped.)  Anyway --- would love to hear your ideas!!! :) :) :)

I've also posted this question on the FB Organizers of contra dance group.  So if you're on both, you'll likely see it there too.

Thanks so much!
Emily Addison in Ottawa
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