@Luigi, thanks so much for your detailed response. Overall, these are 
encouraging comments. A few follow-up queries, if I may: 

>>>    - Are there any limitations on the types of queries with which 
>>>    LiveQuery works? Can you put "LIVE" in front of any "SELECT" command and 
>>>    get a working LiveQuery?
>>> Not actually, current LiveQuery implementation only supports 
> non-aggregate queries (eg. max() + GROUP BY) and does not allow ORDER BY.

Is support for aggregates and orderby (which presumably would have to be 
accompanied by a limit, as in RethinkDB) planned?

>>>    - More specifically, does LiveQuery work on queries involving links? 
>>>    For example, suppose you have a query that retrieves a set of blog posts 
>>>    and their linked comments -- does the LiveQuery send a change 
>>> notification 
>>>    when a linked comment is inserted/updated/deleted in the LINKLIST?
>>> The query mechanism is triggered by the change of the target object, so 
> the short answer is YES for insert/delete of elements in the linklist, but 
> NO for the update of the internal status of linked objects (eg. if you 
> change a comment's text)

I suppose it would be difficult to track changes on comment updates, as 
there are no links from comments to posts. What if using a Graph model, 
with edges (regular or lightweight) connecting posts to comments -- in that 
case, presumably it would be easier to register changes on any connected 
posts, no? Would that currently work, or is it something that might be 
added in the future?

>>>    - In RethinkDB, changefeeds involving orderby and limit can be 
>>>    configured to send the old and new offset of each change (via the 
>>>    include_offsets option) so you can easily insert the change into the 
>>> proper 
>>>    place within the previously returned set of records. Is this possible 
>>> with 
>>>    LiveQuery, or do you have to manage the ordering manually on the client?
>>> Not yet, but it's in our todo list 

Just to clarify, are you saying it already supports orderby/limit, and 
the offsets* is on the todo list, or that you still need to add order/limit 
support (which will include an offset option)?



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