There seem to be mistakes on that linked page - that was what I was 
originally following. Assuming OrientDB 2.2, rexster 2.5.0 does not seem to 
work, 2.6.0 does.

There is a typo


should be more like


With the above changes I got my plug-in/graph working.

One pain point for us was that you are not allowed periods (.) in property 
names. Another is that there is no regex query in the Gremlin API. This was 
something we used from Titan and non standard. We will probably be able to 
query OrientDB directly for some of our cases, but some are in the middle 
of a pipeline and that will be harder.

'And a bonus question, what is the status of Tinkerpop3?'

This seems to have gone very quiet. Some say it should have been out last 
December, but it wasn't.


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