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> Hey Louise,
> Did anyone ever follow up on your inquiry?
> ​.............​
> ​The last time I saw him was on 9/11, after 2nd Sunday OFF (Origami for
> Fun)
> meeting at Marti's.  It's very difficult to communicate with him.  His
> memory seems to be weakening as he struggles to remember simple words or
> keep his train of thought.
For those who are interested in writing him (don't count on him writing

> back), you can send mail to:
> Harbor Care Center
> 21521 South Vermont Ave
>  Torrance, CA 90502
> michael
> http://havepaperwilltravel.blogspot.com
> <http://havepaperwilltravel.blogspot.com/2016/05/yamicare.html>

Thanks so much for the informative update on Yami.  Although I moved from
LA 11 years ago, Yami continues to be one of the wonderful highlights I
remember from being a member of WCOG.
Being taught Fireworks directly from him is a memory I'll cherish.

Thanks again Michael.

Mary Ellen
Now with Origami LAFF in Tucson, AZ

PS  Also enjoy your blogs, pix, and origami cartoons!

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