“A million paper cranes? Are you crazy?!?”

That’s pretty much how our project titled, “In the Folds of Peace”, began a 
year ago. Let’s generate 1 million paper cranes and create conversations for 
connection in the world (more on that later).

We invite you to play with us. You can fold a paper crane, or two… or, you can 
fold a thousand paper cranes, or two. :-) However you would like to join in 
would be great. (Suggested parameters for the paper cranes are below* )

You can send cranes to:

In the Folds of Peace

P.O. Box 1492

Santa Fe, NM 87504

(The deadline for this year’s trip to Peace Day in Hiroshima, Japan is June 15, 
2018. Thanks in advance for your participation!)

The project was inspired by the book “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes”. We 
were further inspired by the people of Hiroshima, Japan who (in the midst of 
their history) are choosing to have conversations for peace and education. When 
we started last year, we were looking for a place for our voice in this 
dramatic world we live in. What if we (in the midst of our history) chose to 
have conversations for what we want to create in the world – for our families, 
for our communities, and yes even for our world? That question was a place 
where our voice fit.

So we started, humbly… and maybe even a little naively. Since then we’ve been 
inspired by and interested in joining the origami community.

You can hear more about how the project evolved last year in the surprise 
opportunity I had to give a talk at TEDxABQ (the link is below). v=T6AnN_ROyZQ

The talk came after we escorted 10,228 paper cranes to Hiroshima, Japan on 
Peace Day, August 6th, 2017 and donated $600 to the Peace Memorial Museum. 

We were humbled by the reaction of the people in Hiroshima. Many were moved 
that someone from the United States would bring all these cranes to the Peace 
Memorial Park. They were also surprised when we said we were continuing to 
return until we reached our million crane goal. If you haven’t been to the 
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, open hearts are waiting there to greet you.

* Parameters for the paper cranes. (NONE of these are “absolute"! They are not 
“limiting requirements,” just guidelines that make logistics like 
transportation a little easier.)

1) Small cranes (from 3" x 3" paper or smaller) would work better for 
transportation, but any size would be wonderful.

2) Wings up position and if you wish, strung together would also be nice.

3) Write a wish or desire in/on the crane(s), if you’d like. 

4) We want everyone to be free to participate and express themselves however 
they want. So, all cranes whatever the parameters will be joyfully embraced and 
taken to Japan!

5) Keep in mind that the inspiration for this project was to generate new 
conversations for connection in the world. So, talk to each other about what 
you’d like to create for your families, communities and world… maybe even talk 
to someone new. Most of all, have fun with it! :-) 

Thank you for your time. We hope you'll join the flock!

Rick Allred


Also on Facebook and Instagram: inthefoldsofpeace

P.S. “Are you prepared to receive that many paper cranes? And take them to 
Japan? You’re crazy!” … This is where we are today – 15,000 paper cranes and 
counting for this year’s trip to Peace Day in Hiroshima on August 6, 2018. We 
are looking forward to figuring out how to handle the enormous flock of cranes 
when it arrives. (Some of that naiveté may still be lingering about. :-)

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