Hi Folders!

I have an Etsy commission request from someone who inquired if I can make
two origami honey badgers. Since I do not know the model I am asking if I
you or someone else here can make one with elegance. I am asked if you are
up for the challenge. It is a paid project where I am asking for a small
referral fee. Sean, the commissioner, asked for a female and a male badger,
3D, where I would get $5 or 10%, whichever is greater, so he thinks it will
be about $50. It would just be used for personal reasons. I am happy to
arrange this; I just need to clarify the numbers. Basically, can you do
this, what would you charge and how much would shopping be?

Here is the message from Sean who inquired about  a commission:
   Hi! I stopped by your booth at the Boston convention center (I think
that is the name of it) this past year. I was wondering if you could make
two origami honey badgers. Adult size (vs. adult and baby); they will
supposed to represent one male and one female, though if they look
identical that's fine too. I have attached a couple origami honey badgers
pictures that I found online. Please let me know what you think. There
would be no rush on this. Thanks! Sean Gregory
Let me know privately at lbcorf...@comcast.net.

I can send the picture he sent me, because not it is not possible in this
email format. So email me and I will email them to me along with clearing
up any details.

Lisa B. Corfman DBA Rocky Arts Unfolded


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