Hello all,
I am going to do an update on something I designed a few years ago called 
“Stepping Pyramid”.
This “work of art” is a kinetic sculpture inspired by the “Stepping Pyramid” in 
Egypt.  I want to use a more durable material, so I can test the sculpture 
outside.  I will be using either different colors with vinyl or cardstock 
covered with a transparent vinyl sheet glued on as a protective layer.
I thought I might ask for your input as to which color set would make for the 
most attractive display, so I created an animation showing some of the 
possibilities I am considering.  These are the colors available in either vinyl 
(often used by a “Cricut” cutter) or in Cardstock which I might choose.
Choose the color scheme you like by the names provided in the video.  
Here is a video of the animation – choose a color set and I will attempt to 
match the most popular  set in my new creation.
Here is a video of the original “Stepping Pyramid” made from Poster board and 
Cardstock so you can see how the final sculpture will operate:

Thanks for you input
Charles Santee
AKA Firstfold

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