Hi all,

My name is James Lucas and I am a botany graduate student and origami artist in 
St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  I recently received a small grant to study 
papermaking traditions in Asia, where many kinds of strong and durable papers 
have been made by hand for centuries, including washi, kozo, hanji, lokta, and 
dó.  Consequently, seeing as many origami artists also use these papers for 
folding, I have thus started a brief survey to investigate their importance:  
how do origami artists around the world choose the kinds of paper they use for 
their art?  If anyone on the O-List is willing and able to take 5-10 minutes to 
help me out, you can fill out the survey at the link below.  All origami 
artists (beginner to expert, modular and one sheet) are welcome to complete the 
survey.  No question is mandatory, but please answer each one to the best of 
your ability.  Once enough responses have been received, I hope to share the 
results with the global origami community through a print column or 
presentation at a convention!


There is also a Spanish language version available:

Thank you and happy folding!

James Lucas

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