Hi everyone.

First of all, thank you everyone for the information regarding the swallow
paper airplane. It was really helpful and interesting : )

Now, I was asked by a Japanese culture organization to propose folding a
model by a Japanese creator as decoration for their office. If the proposal
is accepted, I would be paid for the job. Along with the folded model,
there would be an artwork label declaring who's the creator and who is the
folder. It HAS to be a model by a Japanese creator. I've decided to propose
folding a kusudama, but it must be an eye-opener. The people from the
organization were very insistent in that whatever I proposed, it had to be
the exact opposite of "simple" or "common". Know what I mean?

Are there any Japanese creators' here in the list or, if not, are you close
to any? If you are one, do you have an eye-opening kusudama design? Would
you be willing to teach me how to fold it and would you please authorize me
to use it for my proposal? Now, if you're close to one that creates
kusudama models, would you please help me contact your friend? I know
Tomoko Fuse would be a great option. Yet, I would really prefer, if it's
possible, to showcase the design of someone that isn't that known
worldwide, but should be.

You can contact me through the list or through a private message to my
email address gerardo(a)neorigami.com

Thank you in advance.


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