***  05 January -  PrOF MALL RATS meeting  ***
The next PrOF Mall Rats meeting will be held on Saturday, January 5th, from
1-4pm. Meet Chila at the Gateway Mall Foodcourt. Materials are provided, no
signup required, and you may bring your own paper, books, etc, as you wish.
These meetings are anything-goes folding sessions; the folks in attendance
decide what they want to do. I will take requests, and others can fold on
their own or in subgroups.

        ***  06 January -  PrOF PRESCOTT LIBRARY class  ***
The next Origami Class at the Prescott Public Library will be on Sunday,
January 6th, from 130-430pm. I will teach Origami Toys. Materials provided.
--- These free classes are intended for teens and adults. The requirement
to sign up ahead of time has been waived, until/unless we find the class
getting swamped on a regular basis. You can still find out the class
schedule by asking at the library or checking their online calendar, or
reading these email reminders!

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