Hi all,


You may or may not know that OrigamiUSA maintains listings of local and 
international origami groups on their website, here:




I get lots of contacts from people seeking other folders, and I almost always 
refer them to these lists, because there’s often folders near them that they 
just didn’t know about! So I think the listings serve a great purpose in 
helping folders get together in person. An for the international listings, it’s 
especially helpful when people can find other folders in their own country.


If you have or are part of a local group—anywhere in the world—we’d love to 
have your group listed on the site. You can create your own group listing. 
There’s a link on that page to do so, but you’ll need to register a user 
account on the website first and the listing gets reviewed by a person before 
it shows up (otherwise, the spammers would have a field day).


Thanks, and happy new year!



O/b/o the OrigamiUSA website team


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