I sent yesterday a question through the list. I think I wasn't too clear
about it, so I'll try to explain myself some more.

That person is offering me money for me to read and explain to him the
different steps of his legally-owned diagrams, so he can make the folds as
we go along. As I mentioned, the diagrams correspond to authored models as
opposed to traditional ones.

I'm lost regarding this particular situation because it's somewhat related
to, but simultaneously different from, teaching an authored model to
someone else for hire without the creator's authorization. That is NOT OK:
See here: https://origamiusa.org/faq/copyright-0#t67n172

The person who contacted me simply wishes to fold the models from his
diagrams and doesn't know how to read them. He's an older man, and also a
very able folder, who never learned how to read origami diagrams and isn't
at all interested in learning now. That's why he offered me money to help

Can you please share with me your thoughts and advice?

Once again: I really appreciate it if you also forward your answer to me,
or sent it only to me, if you prefer to be private. I'd start with him
latter today so I also appreciate prompt answers.

Thank you once more : )

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