Also known as the “annoying clicker”, enormously fun. Only backsides are that 
it requires a plastic metro ticket, and that other people gradually, but 
surprisingly fast, begins to hate you ...

I learned it at the Stratford BOS convention, in two variations from Mark 
Kennedy and Deg Farelly, no less. I remember they told that it became widely 
know after a convention i New York - where the use in classes quickly became 
prohibited ...
I think one of them told me the clicker was invented in Rome, using their metro 
But I do not remember by whom? 
And sadly I cannot ask Mark or Deg anymore.

I got printed some 0.22 mm plastic business cards (PET, Polyethylene 
terephthalate from which work very well for the purpose. 
Teaching origami to 80 high school students, I maliciously ended my session 
teaching them the clicker, right before their next lectures ... had almost 80 
students clicking loudly when I left :-)

I would like to make diagrams and use them publicly. There are already some 
YouTube videos, but I cannot se any attributions :-(

Best regards,

Hans Dybkjær

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