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> I would like to make diagrams and use them publicly. There are already some 
> YouTube videos, but I cannot se any attributions :-(

Thanks to great detective work by Arlene Gorchov I now know that the clicker 
was diagrammed in the Italian CDO Convention 1998 collection book, page 64, 
under the name “Clic clac”. Diagrammed (“disegni”) by P. D’Auria, and designer 
anonymous (“anonimo”). Taught (“divulgatori”) by F. Nocerino and P. D’Auria.

Michel Grand independently referenced the listing on Gilad’s Origami Page.

The material is a phone card from Telefonica, and the crease pattern is similar 
to what I remembered, except that the clicking section is half of the card 
width where I would divide the width into thirds. This fits with that I learned 
two methods from Mark and Deg. 

Now I have to figure out how to handle copyright of Anonymous. Intuitively I 
interpret such behaviour as an intention to spread the model freely; at least 
that was meant by other origami designers I met who chose to be anonymous.

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