I have an idea for a model, but in order to make that model I need to start
with what I'm showing in the picture. I used two pieces of paper and glue
so I could show you guys. Can you please help me come up with a way to fold
that?... Is it possible?


The size of that strip in relation to the sheet isn't as important, but the
proportions of the strip must be something close to 8 x 1. I suppose I need
a graft at the center of the sheet. Not sure. That was how I made the base
for my original model: "Lever", but I don't see it so easy since this time
I need to end up with a long strip instead of a triangular prism:


What do you think? I'd prefer if you send your answer to the list, but if
you definitely don't want to, you can send me your answer as a private
message to my email address.

Thank you in advance.


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