1)      While on a pilgrimage to study Church Architecture, our tour group
stayed in a Hilton Hotel in

London, Ontario CN.  The morning breakfast buffet included muffins wraped in

Brown (? Wax) paper origami! I'll try to send a photo soon.  I'd really like
to find a

Source for that paper?

2)      For an upcoming project, OCoP (Origami Club of Pittsburgh) wants to
fold a number of

Kusudama balls .several using Sonobe units (and variations).  When I
Iearned the model

At a NYC Convention.we did three versions:

1)      Sonobe basic unit

2)      Sonobe basic (turned into a "White Ribbon") (pre-folded by rolling
the edge of the

Cupboard fold  into a "white" hem (1/4" or less) .then I can't remember the

Steps to finish the unit (to avoid a "gap" in the middle).  Does anyone
remember the

Next couple of steps?

3)       Sonobe basic (turned into a "Bow tie" Block).  

Thank you for your help.in advance! 

We are celebrating our 31st Anniversary this year. We still meet at the Sq.
Hill Library on a 

Saturday  at 12 noon (call the Library for dates).

Sue Neff  at neffsens...@comcast.net



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