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Kim's Crane (kimscrane.com) sells the brown and other colors of baker's parchment (glassine) paper, https://kimscrane.com/shop/home/1230-glassine-paper-aka-kite-paper-brown-color.html?search_query=glassine&results=18

We are also getting in stock  square sheet packages of mixed colors of the parchment or aka glassine papers.  This paper can also be used to make window stars.

Kimberly Crane

On 6/13/2019 6:02 PM, Mary Drews wrote:
Hi Sue
That brown paper is likely bakers parchment. It comes in bleached(white) and 
natural/brown. Online from King Arthur Flour, or a food supply business. BTW it 
folds very well.

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1)      While on a pilgrimage to study Church Architecture, our tour group
stayed in a Hilton Hotel in

London, Ontario CN.  The morning breakfast buffet included muffins wraped in

Brown (? Wax) paper origami! I'll try to send a photo soon.  I'd really like
to find a

Source for that paper?

2)      For an upcoming project, OCoP (Origami Club of Pittsburgh) wants to
fold a number of

Kusudama balls .several using Sonobe units (and variations).  When I
Iearned the model

At a NYC Convention.we did three versions:

1)      Sonobe basic unit

2)      Sonobe basic (turned into a "White Ribbon") (pre-folded by rolling
the edge of the

Cupboard fold  into a "white" hem (1/4" or less) .then I can't remember the

Steps to finish the unit (to avoid a "gap" in the middle).  Does anyone
remember the

Next couple of steps?

3)       Sonobe basic (turned into a "Bow tie" Block).

Thank you for your help.in advance!

We are celebrating our 31st Anniversary this year. We still meet at the Sq.
Hill Library on a

Saturday  at 12 noon (call the Library for dates).

Sue Neff  at neffsens...@comcast.net

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