Origami People - mark the date!

If you are looking for the ultimate origami vacation in 2020 that takes you to 
a faraway place with weird and deadly animals and plants, wait no further. :-)

Folding Australia 2020 is now confirmed for 8-9 August 2020 in Sydney. 
Professor Jun Mitani will be our special guest for the event.

(Sydney is actually very safe in August. It's mid winter so you won't be seeing 
snakes or spiders. Drop bears on the other hand, can be found in any suburban 
areas with good tree coverage any time of the year ;-)

We have set the dates a week before Origami Tanteidan in Japan, and (I think) 2 
weeks before the Korean convention, to enable you to experience 3 consecutive 
weekends of origami in 3 different countries with minimal jetlag. 

We will be posting further details in due time. And I hope we will see you 


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