Yes, David, Robert, 
I made a mistake with the model. I have in my files Cerceda’s peacock from a 
square, and the model depicted in the ad shown by David Mitchell is from a 
banknote. Yesterday Michel Grand wrote me noting the mistake. He said: 

I think you have made a miss-spelling about the year of creation (1975) for the 
Cerceda’s Peacock...
Because the model is published in “Secrets of Origami, The Japanese Art of 
Paperfolding”, on page 178-182.
And the first edition of this book is : 1964...
But, the model is also in Adolfo Cerceda’s “Folding Money” published in 1963...
Probably the first diagrams is by Neal Elias (nr 297, so before 1961) but 
saddly I don’t have in my library his dvd “The World of Neal Elias” to know the 
exact date.

My apologies for the confusion

> On Jun 19, 2019, at 7:54 PM, Robert Lang <> wrote:
> Thus spake "Origami on behalf of F DAVID" 
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> on 6/19/19, 2:15 PM:
>    In my reply to David Mitchell’s post, I said that the peacock pictured 
> with a fanned tail is by Adolfo Cerceda.
>    Laura Rosenberg replied:“Yes, that is correct.Year of creation 1975.”
>    However, my late father who died in 1970, taught me and my brothers this 
> model, so I believe the model creation date must be in the 1960’s or ?I don’t 
> recall us having a diagram for the model, nor do I know whom he learned it 
> from.Maybe another reader on this list has more information about this great, 
> classic model.
>    David Shall
> It was published in Harbin's _Secrets of Origami_. My copy (Octopus) has a 
> publication date of 1971, but the Oldbourne edition lists a publication date 
> of 1964 on
> Robert
> P.S. Speaking of Herman Shall, my copy of Honda's _World of Origami_ (picked 
> up at a used bookstore) is inscribed "To Catherine Ruggles, from Wally 
> Samuelson and Herman Shall," so a nice bit of folding history attached to it.

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