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> Dear Friends,
> Whilst going though some old folded models, I came across this particular 
> fold:
> https://ibb.co/zsVnzN6
> https://ibb.co/zGfNhg1
> Can anyone help me identify it? It is something I would like to fold again as 
> a gift for someone.
> It looks like some sort of decreeping type model, like the flower tower.
> Good folding to you all,
> Vignesh

…I’m pretty sure this is developed from the Flower Tower Invitation by Chris 
Palmer (Origamido pages 90-91, Lafosse, pub 2000).  

My recollection is that John McKeever reverse-engineered the invitation and 
both of us played with the model.  This is one of the variations I remember 
teaching at some point during a BOS Convention ages ago, but there were no 
diagrams at the time.  

Chris Palmer produced a series of CDs with many diagrams/folding sequences on 
them so he’ll probably have discovered this one first too.

If you can’t get hold of the CDs to check, feel free to drop me a line 
privately; I can probably provide you with enough information to make it again 
from my notes.

Mark R

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