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>I would like to know about models that can be folded from A8.

What you can fold from A8 depends on the thickness of your paper ... Are you 
sure it's A8 ... that is really tiny!

I have a page on my site www.origamiheaven.com/silverrectangles.htm that shows 
some of the modular assemblies that can be made from this paper shape.

I notice that not all the information about where diagrams can be found is up 
to date, however. Diagrams for Stargate / Nexus and Elite and the Elite 
Hypercube can now be found at www.origamiheaven.com/modulardesignsindex.htm, 
for instance.

If you haven't folded it before I would definitely recommend trying Nick 
Robinson's Rhombic Dodecahedron. Shouldn't be too hard to find the diagrams for 


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