Hi Hadi,

I've had a couple of attempts from the diagrams, and not yet been successful. I think I should have started with a rather larger piece of paper! I tried with a 15 cm square.

I also have a question about step 5 of the diagrams. Counting interior horizontal lines from the top, I think the second line is the original upper edge of the square. Immediately below is a zig-zag (pre-creased in step 2) of a mountain fold followed by a valley fold. My attempts to continue with the diagrams (I reached as far as about step 18), lead me to believe that the zig-zag in step 5 should have the valley fold first, and then the mountain fold (the opposite sequence to diagram step 5). Maybe if I can find your video, I'll be able to resolve my doubts. I'm sure a very nice vehicle will be produced if I can reach the end! Thank you for making the diagrams (many hours of work, from my experience!), and making them available.

Best regards,

(Piracicaba, SP, Brazil)

On 21/07/2019 02:43, Hadi Tahir via Origami wrote:
Hi all,

i would like to share my newly drawn diagrams of my origami car.
i hope some of you would you like to try to fold it.

and also, please support my youtube channel "Origami Harri Hadi" 

thank you so much for your attention.

best wishes


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