Hi Richard,
thank you for trying to fold from the diagrams.and thank you for noticing the 
mistake.Yes, the zigzag in step 5 should have the valley fold first. sorry for 
the mistake
best wishes
    Am Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019, 06:16:14 GMT+7 hat Richard Kennedy 
<richard.kenn...@terra.com.br> Folgendes geschrieben:  
 Hi Hadi,

I've had a couple of attempts from the diagrams, and not yet been 
successful. I think I should have started with a rather larger piece of 
paper! I tried with a 15 cm square.

I also have a question about step 5 of the diagrams. Counting interior 
horizontal lines from the top, I think the second line is the original 
upper edge of the square. Immediately below is a zig-zag (pre-creased in 
step 2) of a mountain fold followed by a valley fold. My attempts to 
continue with the diagrams (I reached as far as about step 18), lead me 
to believe that the zig-zag in step 5 should have the valley fold first, 
and then the mountain fold (the opposite sequence to diagram step 5). 
Maybe if I can find your video, I'll be able to resolve my doubts. I'm 
sure a very nice vehicle will be produced if I can reach the end! Thank 
you for making the diagrams (many hours of work, from my experience!), 
and making them available.

Best regards,

(Piracicaba, SP, Brazil)

On 21/07/2019 02:43, Hadi Tahir via Origami wrote:
> Hi all,
> i would like to share my newly drawn diagrams of my origami car.
> i hope some of you would you like to try to fold it.
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ixirf8oHYTSVUOEtGc2dEU90KxA00tL0/view?usp=drivesdk
> and also, please support my youtube channel "Origami Harri Hadi" 
> (www.youtube.com/hadhart)
> thank you so much for your attention.
> best wishes
> Hadi
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