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> I was looking on the internet and found nothing..what is the difference
> between these two Units? Kate

Hi Kate,
I think you are referring to the Super Nobu unit, not the Super Nobe unit. The 
Sonobe Unit and Super Nobu Unit are both very versatile, but are significantly 
different from each other.

The Sonobe unit dates back to the 1960s and is generally used for closed 3D 
geometrical modular models, although it can also be used to create other 
modular shapes, even animals (see, for example, the book "Origami for the 
Connoisseur" by Kunihiko Kasahara and Toshie Takahama, 1987, originally 
published in Japanese in 1985 under the name “Top Origami"). The module is 
named after Mitsunobu Sonobe. There are many variations on the Sonobe unit.

The Super Nobu unit was created in recent years by Nobuko (hence “Nobu” unit) 
Okame. It’s structure and locking mechanism is very different from the Sonobe 
unit, although it too can be used to create a huge variety of models of 
different kinds, usually not closed (see the book "Modular Origami with Super 
Nobu Unit", by Nobuko Okabe, 2017). I haven’t seen any variations on the Super 
Nobu unit, although they may exist.

Either one can provide you with endless possibilities for exploring different 

I hope this helps!

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