Neale's dragon made by my sister as a gift topper, causing me to hunt down the book "Origami Monsters and Mythical Beings" by Jay Ansill.  Which caused me to create a modified one that lives on my desk at work.  Both mean a lot.  One as a gift, the other as a result of that gift.


On 11/3/2019 1:00 PM, Kate Honeyman wrote:
You will laugh. It is an origami crab. Folded by my Grandaughter.  I think
of it as a portrait of my character. Tenacious and stubborn and a bit
crusty on the outside.  It just so happens that I was trying to fold. It
myself yesterday when it turned into Drago the talking Dragon. The Chinese
horoscope character for my year of birth is a dragon.

On Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 11:32 AM Gerardo <>

I wanted to converse with you for a bit. Have you looked after (kept) a
fold for some time now because of its sentimental value?

For example, Naty Nefesh didn't fold that much before we met. But not that
long after we did, she once came up to me and gave me "Gerardo" (see the
picture). It was an improvisation made from three small sheets and pen
markings. At the back of the head she wrote "I made a mini version of you".
I think that was eight or nine years ago. It meant a lot to me!

I used "Gerardo" as my avatar in Neorigami for several years. I also used
it as a representation of me in an origami instructional video:

I loved how the model expressed her curiosity with paper folding and I felt
so flattered for her wanting to depict me through folding. I keep "Gerardo"
in a transparent plastic case along with other small origami related
articles. The case is inside a big masu box with bigger folds, many of them
given to me by others.

So what fold have you looked after (kept) for some time now because of its
sentimental value?


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