I had asked if the kusudama and the modular cube with pockets, for square
flat models, I showed already existed or not. By the way, sorry for my
grammar (Did these models already existed?).

Anyway, on November 26 David Mitchell replied and showed me the one he
created just last year: "Photo Frame Cube".

David, I definitely see the resemblance! I'll call the one I folded a
variation of yours. What references did you use... fifths? If I understand
your model correctly the units aren't that locked till you insert the
photos inside the pockets. Right? Although, judging from the picture, your
module has an outstanding memory!

In comparison to yours, from what I can tell from your picture, I added an
extra flap on opposite sides of each module to tuck them inside the other
modules' long pockets. Also, I used eighths as references. Here's a picture
of a single module:

Now, kinda changing the subject, some years ago I was told here on the list
about Kasahara's cube art from his book "The Art and Wonder of Origami".
Cube art are flat square pictorial models of animals that he created and
connected as a cube. I wanted to ask you, did he use a cube like David's?
Might one you have a Kasahara art cube so you can show it to me?

Thank you in advance.


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