Here's a bit of info on the January Meeting for my Community Origami Group
in Richardson, Texas (Dallas Area).  We'd love to see you there!

Members of ADROIT,

Welcome to 2020.  Our December meeting was a big success – I gave a
presentation at the Lincoln Experience Center in Frisco and raised more
than $500 for Paper for Water!

Our January meeting is going to be a big one – I’d like to get 2020 off to
a good start for ADROIT.  I still have a few things to clear up to make
sure it’s possible, but the plan is that I will lead a demonstration on how
to crease Tissue-Foil Origami Paper!

The meeting will be *Thursday, January 16, 6-8 pm at the Renner Frankford

The main focus of the meeting will be a


I will teach those who show up how to create a type of origami paper known
as *Tissue Foil*.  Tissue foil paper is created by combining tissue paper
and foil using a spray adhesive.  I will bring all required supplies, but
if you have a specific tissue paper that you would like to use (or even a
foil), or just would like to experiment, feel free to bring some of your
own supplies.

There are several benefits to using Tissue Foil paper:

·         *Size*: Since you are creating your own sheet, you can make a
much larger square than is typically available at craft stores.  We will
mostly be making 18 inch squares at the meeting, but I will also bring
supplies to cut some smaller ones.  This is very useful for creating more
complicated designs.

·         *Customizable*: You can choose the color combination that you
want for the front and back side of the paper.  This is particularly useful
if you want a combination you can’t just buy online – say you wanted to
fold a toucan and need black/yellow paper.  While this paper isn’t readily
available to buy, using tissue foil, you can create your own.

·         *Shaping*: Tissue foil provides the benefits of both tissue paper
and foil.  You can get the colors of tissue paper and the shaping abilities
of foil – it holds its shape very well, allowing for dynamic finished
models.  At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the flimsiness of
the tissue paper and the garish shininess of the foil.

·         *Texture*: Tissue foil paper has a unique muted glimmer that
comes from the semi-transparency of the tissue paper coupled with the
shininess of the foil.

·         *Bottom line: tissue foil is a pretty great introduction to the
world of making your own paper.*

The demonstration will go more or less like this:

We will go outside (*Yes, outside.  You may want to bring a jacket or
something.)* where things will be set up.  First I will make a sheet of
tissue foil in front of everyone, going through each step so that everyone
can understand.  Then people can begin to make their own – I intend to have
a few stations set up, so multiple people can be doing it at once.  It
takes several people to make a good sheet anyways, so teamwork whoop.  I’ll
bring all the supplies.  Once everyone who wants a sheet has one, we’ll
clean up and then go back inside, where we can cut them to square depending
on how much time we have left.

Other business at the meeting: we may take down or adjust our display at
the library.

*We NEED to discuss meeting times for the coming 4 months as I may have a
scheduling conflict.*

I have some pretty big good news.

There will be the regular announcements and such.  If we have time to fold
some of the tissue foil we make, might try that.

Anyways that’s about all.  I’ll keep y’all posted if anything changes.
Please show up and don’t forget to invite friends, these meetings are still
open to the public.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there,


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