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Registration is now open for Origami Connect Winter/Spring 2020. We're
offering 6 great classes!

Origami Connect is OrigamiUSA's program of online classes, which are open to
anyone anywhere in the world, whether or not you are a member of OrigamiUSA;
all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone. An Origami Connect class
is a live, interactive session with an origami artist, teacher, or
technician. Our sessions are around 2 hours long and streamed live through
the internet.


More information   https://origamiusa.org/connect

Registration includes:

*         Access to the live online event,

*         A link to the recording of the event, which will be sent about one
week later.

If you cannot attend the live event, you must still register before the
event to get the link to the recording of the event. There are no
cancellations since the recording will be available.

Regular classes are $10 each, but we again offer a "Buy 5 get 1 Free" deal.
Register by January 10, 2020 for this deal.



First up this session:


Date and Time: 

Sunday, January 12, 2020, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST




Janet Yelle

The Starlight model is made from a hexagon and can be lit up! Tessellation
techniques like triangle twists are used so strong paper is essential.
Otherwise, as with tessellations, the paper may rip and will be hard to
Materials needed:
Paper - 12" square paper, making it into a hexagon will be shown or White 6
inch hexagon (6 inches per side) of Canson Mix Media or Canson Mi-Teintes
paper (98 pound). *Using white works best with the LED light.
Elephant hide paper will work but tends to be more opaque.
Light - 2 or 3 inch LED puck light works well for this size hexagon. These
lights usually come with a remote which is great so you don't have to keep
removing the light from the model to operate it.


Please join us in sharing the joy of origami

Kind regards,

Mary Drews

For Origami Connect


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