Meenakshi replied on January 5 to my question about a symmterical
five-color scheme for my stellated icosahedron. She shared a chart she
had made a while back to do exactly that in regards to different

Thank you so much for sharing your chart! That's what I was looking
for. How did you manage to distribute the colors symmetrically in
something with so many edges like an icosahedron?
Meenakshi, I wanted to offer you an idea. There are too many single
and duo-colored kusudamas in the world. I think it's because most of
us couldn't find how to symmetrically arrange different color units
together. If more people knew about your chart there would probably be
more multicolor kusudamas in the world. So how about making a
campaign, for example on social media? There could be a hashtag for
it. People could fold a multicolor kusudama using your chart and post
pictures on their social media along with the hashtag and a link to
your chart. That way more will know.
What do you think Meenakshi? I'd really like to see a lot more
multicolor kusudamas : )



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