> There are too many single and duo-colored kusudamas in the world. I think
> it's because most of us couldn't find how to symmetrically arrange
> different color units
> together. If more people knew about your chart there would probably be
> more multicolor kusudamas in the world. So how about making a
> campaign, for example on social media? There could be a hashtag for
> it. People could fold a multicolor kusudama using your chart and post
> pictures on their social media along with the hashtag and a link to
> your chart. That way more will know.
> What do you think Meenakshi? I'd really like to see a lot more
> multicolor kusudamas : )
> Cheers.
> --
> *Gerardo*
> gerardo(a)neorigami.com

I'd have to disagree. I've been making muticolor kusudamas for close to 25
years, and apart from my first one or two 3-color sonobes (which I still
have and display) , I managed to figure out the 3 and 5-color schemes on my
own. I have found the 5 color scheme the easiest to implement in the
icosahedron/dodecahedron models. Meenakshi's chart is very elegant and
useful, and I refer to it on occasion. I think most serious (or serial)
kusudama makers are on board with multicolor schemes.Thanks for your
contributions to origami-l!


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