Hi everyone. I folded my "Stemware marker lips" using the material from
certain coffee bags and also sauce bags and a bit of heat. Pictures below:



And here's a Facebook picture of the coffee brand I used in order to get
the square from the bag:


It's a three-layer material: I believe its PET/aluminum foil/resin. Do you
know the type of material I'm talking about? It isn't too thin and it has a
not that good folding memory, but you can fold it. Do you know if this type
of material has a particular name?

I so dream of having a square of 120 cm x 120 cm (47 ½ x 47 ½ in) of this
material so to make a big fold of my "Shopping Bag" =D

Unfortunately, I still haven't found a humongous-size coffee bag (haha).
Might any of you be able to obtain a good amount of this material to make
some origami?

Thank you in advance.


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