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> Lisa B. Corfman explained to us the project Origami Community and asked
> about the terms creator and folder.

I use:
----- For the person who first folded/designed/thought-up/stumbled-onto a
given folded-paper model, I generally use "designer". I don't use "creator"
as anyone who folds a model has created it, in a sense.
----- For the person who just folded a model, whether they designed it or
not, I use the term "folder". If the person is known to me, to be a
paper-folding enthusiast, I might use the term "origamist". For those few
who make art with their paper-folded models, or who are known to fold
especially beautifully/artistically, or who are known to me to be talented
creators, I may call them "origami artists".

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