Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well especially during these unusual times.
Most of us are impacted by the current Covid-19 pandemic and therefore many
are spending lots more time inside than usual in the spirit of helping
everyone out. This has also been the case for our family since March 11th.
While this situation is challenging for sure, that challenge also helps us
look at ourselves differently and do other things than usually.
Some of you may have more time for origami right now - I cannot claim the
same. And yet I was inspired to design a model. I know, me? Isn't Sara
usually the one promoting others' designs? These are different times, for

So it is a pleasure to announce not just a new tutorial, but in particular
one on a design of my own, as well as diagrams:

*"Home is where the heart is"*
It represents a standing house where the door is replaced by a heart.

*Tutorial*: https://youtu.be/TFfdRVczTi8 or
Time-Lapse: https://youtu.be/ixWkSixwkgE or
or https://www.happyfolding.com/files/adams-home_is_where_the_heart_is.pdf

I hope you all enjoy this fold and share it with others. Origami is, after
all, a great activity when you're stuck inside and it just needs a bit of
It was also an absolute pleasure and honor to find out that my model
inspired Francesco Mancini to design an even easier to fold version of the
same idea: *"Un cuore e una capanna"*. Even though it does not feature a
color-changed heart, it still one to warm everyone's heart.

Picture: https://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-mancini-un_cuore_e_una_capanna
Francesco's Flickr stream for more of his work:

Finally, normal life does somehow have to go on. Many are working from
home, some still have to go out to work - especially those in the medical
field and those helping everyone else provide the more basic necessities of
life. Thank you to everyone that is doing their part!
But normal life also includes celebrations. With that in mind, I decided to
create a tutorial for Easter: a *traditional origami basket*. I was
inspired to do so while exploring an upcoming book especially for
beginners: "Origami Made Simple" by Russell Wood.

Picture: https://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-traditional-basket
*Tutorial*: https://youtu.be/FgtySsZ0GJQ or
More info on the book: https://origamiexpressions.com

I made sure to present this one quite slowly and in detail, so that it is
suitable even those new to origami.
By the way, I also have a *playlist with a bunch of other Easter origami
models* of varying complexity in case you are looking for inspiration on
what to fold, or want to recommend some folds to others:
This includes an adorable rabbit by David Shall, which I presented for
Easter last year, and one by Jun Maekawa, which I revisited in 2017.

So with that I wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy and, of course,
happy folding!

-- Sara

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