Yes, I also got this message --- by the way, it's Prince Vaughn ("n" on the end).  I have not followed up, but I do see that documentary film-making is mentioned on Mark Wahlberg's web pages.  I am wondering if it somehow connected to Community Origami Group events scheduled on the OUSA website.  Do you, by any chance, organize a COG event?  I do.  I would be curious to know if you find out more. Feel free to write privately to me.

Char Morrow

On 4/9/20 9:20 PM, FOLD wrote:
Hey ...

Had anyone else heard from someone called Prince Vaugh, III? He contacted
me and said they were putting together a documentary on origami and we're
wondering if I, or one of my colleagues, would be interested in

Does anyone know about this? Anyone participating?

I am always a teeeny bit paranoid about things like this...



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