I received that email from "Prince Vaughn" and sent it to 5 fellow folders
who I thought might be interested in the proposed project. It came to me by
the name of my local group here in Prescott and I assumed they got that
info from the OUSA website. The email didn't provide a lot of info, but
there was an address in Alameda CA, and a phone #, and it wasn't asking for
money or personal info, so I decided it was probably legit. Well, so far,
nothing bad has happened at this end. And haven't heard of any problems
from the people I sent it to.
----- I looked the Co. name up online and there is a Mapquest listing, a
real estate listing (doesn't say anything is for sale), and a corporate
listing (says it's a "branch" of Unrealistic Ideas LLC, opened in 2018).
But I found no trace of a website.
..... from Chila Caldera ///

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