I've been delighted with how everyone everywhere is proposing activities
through the web in order to make this quarantine easier : )

I want to offer something as well. A couple of years ago I developed a
conference/workshop for an international origami convention here in
Colombia. Its title was "Creating through the Frankensteinian Method in
Origami".Well, I'd like to offer it–this time in English–through Zoom for

The thing is, I don't have a Zoom paid subscription. So I wanted to ask
you, if you do have one, would allow me to offer the activity with your
help? I hope one of you will say "yes". I also hope that that person can
help me as the moderator during the activity.

The conference/workshop would be on Saturday, May 9th, 10 - 12:30 pm CDT.

If you can and wish to help me out, please let me know here through the
mailing list or, if you prefer, send me a private message to gerardo(a)

Thank you all and it has been a pleasure sharing with you during the online
meetings in the last few weeks =D


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