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on 4/23/20, 12:10 PM:



Now, I was thinking... there are a lot of origami activities online these days. 
Some through Zoom, but some others through Facebook Live and Instagram Live. I 
wonder if it'll be the same–say–in June or if there won't be that much offer 
then as there currently is.


I scheduled the conference/workshop within two weeks. So, what do you think? 
Should I postpone it to the first Saturday of June, for example, just in case 
there won't be as many online origami offers as there are now, or should I just 
take the opportunity and do it on May 9 just like I had originally planned?


I would bet that as shutdowns continue worldwide, the demand for online events 
will continue, if not actually grow (especially as more people get comfortable 
with the format), and so online events will continue, if not expand, well into 
June (and probably beyond).


Also, a little bird tells me there’s something pretty interesting brewing for 
late June, which we should hear about in the next few days.




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