I had asked yesterday if one of you had a paid Zoom subscription in order
to help me offer my conference/workshop "Creating through the
Frankensteinian Method in Origami". Thanks to the help of Community Origami
Groups COG from OrigamiUSA, everything is ready to go : )

Now, I was thinking... there are a lot of origami activities online these
days. Some through Zoom, but some others through Facebook Live and
Instagram Live. I wonder if it'll be the same–say–in June or if there won't
be that much offer then as there currently is.

I scheduled the conference/workshop within two weeks. So, what do you
think? Should I postpone it to the first Saturday of June, for example,
just in case there won't be as many online origami offers as there are now,
or should I just take the opportunity and do it on May 9 just like I had
originally planned?

I really appreciate your help with this decision. I just want to offer
everyone something you can enjoy and learn from, instead of feeling
overwhelmed by having one more offer from so many.

As usual, you can answer directly through the mailing list or directly to
my email address, if it makes you feel more comfortable: gerardo(a)



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