Yesterday the Japan Center of the Andes University (Bogotá) announced the
winners of their origami challenge. One of the sponsors of the challenge
was the Japan embassy here in Colombia. It was a folds challenge; so you
could perfectly submit your folds of models created by others. The whole
activity was through Facebook and Instagram.

The challenge started on March 31 and the submission deadline was on May
25. There were four categories: (1) basic and traditional, (2)
intermediate, (3) advanced, and (4) creative (not the same as
creating/designing in origami).

Four galleries resulted from the submitted folds:


Fantastic animals:

Characters and flowers:


The two judges of the challenge were the Colombian origamists

Diana Gamboa:

Alexander Rodríguez:

The winners were: (1) Luis Alejandro Aroca Chacón with his fold of a frog
and a flower (basic and traditional), (2) David Alexander Prieto Muñoz with
his fold of a humanoid being (intermediate), (3) Andrés Sierra with his
fold of Satoshi Kamiya's "Ryūjin" 3.5 (advanced), (4) Lina María González
with her fold and coloring of a bear and a cub.

You can congratulate the winners and take a look at the winning folds here:

I also participated in the challenge. You actually helped me choose one of
the photographs/folds at the beginning of April . These were the two models
that I submitted:


"Pedal bin":


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